Dairy Products

Vanderhyde Dairy, Inc. is one of the largest dairies in Pittsylvania County. Located near Chatham, Virginia, the dairy maintains a 1,200 head active milking herd out of a total herd size of 2,800 cattle. The active milking herd produces approximately 10,500 gallons of milk each day. That means the dairy produces 3,832,500 gallons of milk each year!

The Vanderhyde Dairy utilizes the latest technology to improve the quality of milk production, enhanced animal welfare, and improve food safety. The dairy’s 36 stall cow GEA Autorotor Carousel Parlor System as the primary milking system in its milking parlor. It is the heart of technology at the dairy. The system milks cows faster than conventional methods, it is much more comfortable for the animals and allows for less milk contamination.

With the milking parlor operating in three shifts, milk production is ongoing. The dairy’s milk is distributed anywhere along the East Coast.

The GEA Autorotor Carousel Parlor System has another big advantage. It is safer for workers to handle, milk, and inspect the animals. Cows are trained to use the system and want to be milked. Milking alleviates pressure on their udders and increases animal comfort. Simultaneously, each cow is inspected for health and wellness issues at the time of milking.

Technology also provides more information on each cow. A unique tagging system lets the farmers know when each cow has been milked and tracks her medical history. The herd is kept clean and cool in barns, protecting them from harsh sunlight and severe weather. Each cow has her own pen. Flies are aggressively eliminated.

Animal comfort is a priority. Happy cows provide great milk.