A dairy Herdman’s task includes leading cows safely where they need to go. This includes leading cows to and from the milking parlor in a professional and efficient manner. A Herdsman must understand and adhere to the proper protocols for milking as set by Vanderhyde Dairy, Inc.

  1. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  2. Protect and promote each animal’s well-being under your care.
  3. Ensure proper sanitation and waste management is maintained in the pens.
  4. Keep animals dry and clean of manure and provide them comfortable, healthy surroundings.
  5. Keep the milking herd separated from the treated herd, and recognize the difference between them.
  6. Ensure the proper cows arrive at the milking parlor at the appointed time, and depart just as fast.
  7. Note cows that may have mastitis or other problems. Inform the manager for possible treatment. (No treatment will be done without permission of the manager.)
  8. Ensure the overall fitness and wellness of each animal in your care.

Additional Herdsman related activities:

  1. Help to get cattle in the barn, if necessary.
  2. Maintain treatment records and identify treated cows with appropriate markers, such as leg bands, etc.
  3. Assist in ordering supplies by making a list and bringing to the supervisor’s attention any items in short supply.
  4. If unable to be present at scheduled working hours, the manager must be given sufficient notice­ to arrange for a substitute Herdsman.
  5. Clip udders, freeze brand and perform other procedures that promote accurate identification and animal well-being.
  6. In case of an emergency, an employee may be called to work on a vacation or regularly scheduled day off.

Additional employee responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following responsibilities:

• Care of springers and cows at calving
• Feeding and care of calves
• Feeding, cleaning and care of milking herd
• Maintenance of free-stalls
• Heat detection, A.I.
• Record keeping
• Cleaning and maintenance of office building
• Maintenance of grounds, pasture, fences
• Maintenance of vacuum pumps

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