Vanderhyde Dairy, Inc. began in New York state in 1978. Founder Garry Van der Hyde moved the dairy to Chatham, Virginia in 1980 seeking opportunities for both land acquisition and herd growth. The dairy currently maintains a 2,800 head herd at its main farm. All the heifers are on-site.

As a family founded farm, the dairy strives to provide a great working environment for its employees and home for its milking herd. The dairy offers full-time employment to most employees, which provides better wages and a higher standard of living. Taking care of both the employees and the herd creates a strong environment for producing top quality dairy products.

The sons and nephews of Garry Van der Hyde ensure the dairy remains true to its mission of producing responsible, sustainable, and environmentally friendly dairy products. Each family member shares the responsibilities in ensuring ongoing success.

“We put a lot of care into each gallon of milk,” Vanderhyde Dairy president Roy Van der Hyde said. “I’m dedicated to dairy because it’s my life. It’s what I love to do. We produce the best food in the world.”

Awards and Recognition
Vanderhyde Dairy is recognized for agribusiness leadership in dairy management and environmental stewardship.

  • Virginia’s Finest 2012, 2013, and 2015 Quality Produced Milk recognition program winner.
  • 2016 Agribusiness Environment Award winner presented by the Virginia Agribusiness Council
  • 2016 Commonwealth of Virginia General Assembly resolution commending Vanderhyde Dairy for excellence in environmental stewardship.
  • 2012 Cobblestone Milk Cooperative President’s Award.
  • Pittsylvania County Farm Bureau’s 2015 Producer of the Year – Roy Van Der Hyde
  • 2007 Clean Water Farm Award and the Bay Friendly Farm Award Grand Winner
  • 2009 Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Resolution in recognition of Cobblestone Milk Cooperative’s excellence in milk production.